Monday, December 22, 2008

Rockin nursery shoot

Photographing new ones has it's own built in challenges. Every now and then I find a client that is a bit over whelmed bringing their newborn out into the big, open world. I included this shot to show you that most baby rooms have a lot to offer when it comes to portraits. (It did help that this little one has a rocking nursery! *Go Mom*) I stopped doing studio work about a year ago, but I haven't necessarily stopped shooting indoors. With a little shuffling of the furniture and an ever so patient baby (and photographer) it can all gel together.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

*Collage Craze*

Here are a few samples for you to reference for collages. They are printed as a 20x20 inch or a 30x30 inch canvas gallery wrap. That means when you take them out of the box, you need no frame to hang them. They are ready to go right on your wall. The image or canvas wraps all the way around the side.

The 20x20 is 250.00 and the 30x30 is 350.00.

Maybe a little too close??

These are my girl friend's two kiddos. Initially they were a little uncomfortable having their pictures taken even though they knew me quite well. I gave them an enormous lollipop and let them just do their thing. All of the sudden the most unexpected sound "escaped" from Mr. R. (Come on...use your imagination!) The reaction you see is the end result! I thought his sister was going to die. Hey... I'll take what I can get to get that kind of emotion on a kid's face! Melissa- I hope you can forgive me for divulging the details on the world wide web!!! Some stories are too good to pass up. ;)

Parental Units

My parents came to visit us over the Thanksgiving holidays. My dad recently made state rep for his district (go dad!) and needed some pictures for the campaign. We decided to make it a family affair and involve the kids. Here are a few shots from that day...and you can view Dad's website at

Maci in the Middle

"Maci in the Middle", "Maci Face" and sometimes just plain old "Face". These are some of the many nick names my middle child has. It's not easy being stuck in between two siblings. When Maci actually gets alone time (even if it involves a camera shoved in her face) she relishes in it! This little diva hams it up in a big way every chance she gets!

Little Model

Look at this little guy! Completely in his element in front of the camera. We all thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was too funny to watch him interact. I would get him situated just right and once he smiled, his legs automatically kicked straight out as he threw his head back and laughed! He was so carefree...

Mr. Serious!

This little guys is most serious for a baby! He had his mom and me barking like a dog, jumping and completely losing our dignity. (All for a fleeting smile!) It was definitely a team effort. I hope you enjoy your sneak peak!

New to me!

Alright... so hear it goes! My first posting ever. This is all so new to me, but I am determined to be a blogger. So be patient with my amateur postings. I am terrible at spelling and grammar (Mom... stop laughing!) so a blog has always intimidated me. Have you ever noticed that people tend to either be creative and artsy or they have a thing for numbers and tiny details? I definitely fall into the first category! Thank goodness for spell check (it has already flagged 5 errors!) But regardless... this is my New Year's resolution. So here goes nothing...