Thursday, October 14, 2010

Synchronized Chaos :)

This is the name their mother gave them (promise). It was too cute the way they moved in unison! They crawled side by side... smiled at the same time... if one teared up, the other one would as well. It was like watching synchronized swimming, but WAY cuter!

Outfit for the Shoes...

...cart before the horse? The whole point of this blog is to give my clients a sneak peek of their session. But I was too geared up about this shoot! I edited the photos in one day {which took a lot of coffee and a mildly obsessive personality}. I love urban shoots and funky kids/images. This shoot definitely fit the bill! These are some good friends of ours, and I wasn't sure with the kids if that would work to our advantage or not. They couldn't have rocked it any harder. We all had a great time stomping through the city! {I think Mr. R even enjoyed the shoot.} So here is your not so "sneak peek"...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Miss Serious

So after an entire year of trying to coordinate our schedules, we finally made it happen! And I have to say that I am so glad we waited... because look at the adorable addition to their family! She was so serious and had this really perplexed look on her face. We were jumping through hoops and acting completely crazy in hopes of catching a fleeting smile, and she would just look back at us as if to say "You have GOT to be kidding." We quickly realized that Big Brother could get her to laugh by falling down or acting crazy. I like her sense of humor already!