Wednesday, December 9, 2009

3 Ring Circus!

SOOOO let me first say that I know this family... so I get to tease them a bit! Forgive me Kim! :)

We had a dad, who was OH SO HAPPY to have his portraits done {already wanting to book a new shoot on Monday, I'm flattered}, a daughter who {hated} her dress, a son who was worried about his hair... but not too worried to stop clowning around. {He had me laughing a majority of the shoot... he's actually completely funny!} This all ended up looking like a three ring circus. And what does that yield??? A very bewildered mother!

This crew was quite the lively bunch. In a good way! I was entertained by their humor and razzing... but not nearly as much as their unorthodox Christmas songs! Tee he he... The resemblance to my own family is uncanny!

I actually posted this sneak peek to assure their mom that we did get our share of good shots! Enjoy your preview.

Check out the "Cover Girl" hair. Wind is one of my favorite props!

Love that nose crinkle!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gentlemen in the Making

gen*tle*man (-men) n. 1. a courteous, gracious man with a strong sense of honor.

This is one of my top priorities for my own son. I want him to be THAT boy that holds the door for girls. It is one of my favorite things to watch him do {especially when he remembers on his own}. I am a HUGE believer in "ladies first". I know this may not line up with today's beliefs and may be a bit old fashioned. I can't help it!

I watched these two children and *smiled* inside as I watched their nature play out in front of the camera. You could tell they were text book gentlemen! Good job {parental units}! Here is a sneak peek for you..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Two Little Munchkins

Two adorable little kiddos (the little one with a feisty sense of humor...{which I LOVE}!) Both kids were awesome. Sorry for the short post. I have a lunch date today with my own little man!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This couple gave each other a photo shoot for their 15th wedding anniversary! How darn sweet is that??? What a fantastic idea... this time in their lives... captured on film forever.

Their kids were so mild mannered and polite! It was a pleasure to work with them. (I should qualify that by saying... Miss "B" was most cooperative until I had the bright idea to have Dad splash her with water. She didn't really care for the salt in her eyes and I don' blame her!) Enjoy your preview and here is to another 15 years...

Do you think she has EVER had her picture taken before? I'd say she knows how to work it!!!!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Guy

So I really have a "thang" for baby teeth. And here is my baby with two loose teeth! Not just any loose teeth... but his first loose teeth! So what do I do???? Of course I do a photo shoot to captures that picture perfect smile before he becomes a snaggle tooth! (Can you tell that he is kinda into Batman?)

Monday, August 17, 2009

{Young Ladies}

I had a great time photographing this family. As you can see... this is a family with all {beautiful} girls. They were all so pleasant. In my own life, there are moments in time (okay, everyday) when I look at my girls and I think "OMG, all of this emotion... and this is without any hormones!" As I watched these young ladies, they were so enjoyable to be around! I am encouraged. I know their mom is probably rolling her eyes reading this! Isn't it so true that children in general give everyone else their best side? For us moms... we seem to get the brunt. While I know I don't see what happens behind the scenes, at the very least I can say that it is possible to get three older girls to behave in public! Enjoy your sneak peek!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Close To My Heart

Sooo... here is a little bit of my story. It is Mr. Jack who launched me into the world of photography. This little guy was born dangerously premature. His mom {one of my closest friends} still couldn't drive, so I took her to the hospital to visit him. It was then that I {insisted} on taking pictures of him in the ICU. The pictures include a shot of his fist... adjacent to his tiny newborn tag on his clothes. The tag was actually larger than his hand! Jack eventually made it home. Weeks later, I got a phone call from his mom that went something like "I don't care if you want to... your coming over and taking his pictures!" ~smile~ So we had a sheet, a camera and a baby... and somehow, the actual shots (amazingly) turned out to be incredible. Before the week was over, she had several friends calling me to book shoots! I quiet literally went out to buy a decent camera to photograph them.

So, pardon the one million pictures blogged below...this family is extremely close to my heart!