Wednesday, April 29, 2009


SOOOO here is the deal. It absolutely makes my day when I find a client that gives me the creative freedom to "do my thang". You know... one that says "I love what you do... so just do it!" I have been waiting for the right little one to try out these newly found locations. She was such a doll. Miss "N" has the most perfect disposition and an amazing wardrobe to go with it! How much better could it get? I love how these turned out! At one point she had fallen asleep in the car. We woke her up and stuck her in front of the blue loading dock door and she was STILL all smiles. (I know how ticked I'd be if someone did that to me!) So hats off to Little Miss. She was such a pleasure to work with...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

! Tweens !

You know that age where you aren't a kid anymore...but not a teenager yet?? These two were a pair of "tweens". They started out a little embarrassed (even as an adult, I hide when a camera turns my way). By the end of the shoot they had settled in, and felt a bit more comfortable. (I think!) I was thrilled looking through the shots to see that so many of them captured their interactions with one another. I even got one where they were doing a little trash talking! As much as they wanted the shoot to be done and over, they never gave me a moment of trouble. They were completely patient and sweet to me! (Hats off to their mom!) Enjoy your preview!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Teens to Tots

This shoot was a trip and a half! I am so use to playing to kids that are all in the same age range. As you can see from the portraits below... there is quite an age gap. Miss D is five whole years old (and a firecracker), and big sister is 16 with the lone boy being 15 years old. It was REALLY hard to maintain the cool factor when I was busy losing every ounce of dignity I had, jumping through hoops for half-pint! With all of that being said, it was clear to see how much they adored their baby sister. I had a blast stomping through the city with this bunch. Enjoy your sneak peak Mom!

Sweet Girl and Florida Oranges!

Here are just a few shots we took over Easter weekend. We have lived in Florida since August and I just now had the idea to shoot in the orange groves! (Maybe too much Tylenol PM??) Most of the oranges had already been picked clean but we were able to find a few rows that still had fruit on them! If I get a good response, I plan to book special sessions next year when the fruit is ripe.

Now to the stuff that really matters! Isn't this the CUTEST darn 19th month old ever? She is quite the chatterbox and has the funniest since of humor. I completely enjoyed my time with K.J. (Did I mention she is my {only} niece?? Ignore the bias!)