Thursday, August 13, 2009

Close To My Heart

Sooo... here is a little bit of my story. It is Mr. Jack who launched me into the world of photography. This little guy was born dangerously premature. His mom {one of my closest friends} still couldn't drive, so I took her to the hospital to visit him. It was then that I {insisted} on taking pictures of him in the ICU. The pictures include a shot of his fist... adjacent to his tiny newborn tag on his clothes. The tag was actually larger than his hand! Jack eventually made it home. Weeks later, I got a phone call from his mom that went something like "I don't care if you want to... your coming over and taking his pictures!" ~smile~ So we had a sheet, a camera and a baby... and somehow, the actual shots (amazingly) turned out to be incredible. Before the week was over, she had several friends calling me to book shoots! I quiet literally went out to buy a decent camera to photograph them.

So, pardon the one million pictures blogged below...this family is extremely close to my heart!

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