Wednesday, December 9, 2009

3 Ring Circus!

SOOOO let me first say that I know this family... so I get to tease them a bit! Forgive me Kim! :)

We had a dad, who was OH SO HAPPY to have his portraits done {already wanting to book a new shoot on Monday, I'm flattered}, a daughter who {hated} her dress, a son who was worried about his hair... but not too worried to stop clowning around. {He had me laughing a majority of the shoot... he's actually completely funny!} This all ended up looking like a three ring circus. And what does that yield??? A very bewildered mother!

This crew was quite the lively bunch. In a good way! I was entertained by their humor and razzing... but not nearly as much as their unorthodox Christmas songs! Tee he he... The resemblance to my own family is uncanny!

I actually posted this sneak peek to assure their mom that we did get our share of good shots! Enjoy your preview.

Check out the "Cover Girl" hair. Wind is one of my favorite props!

Love that nose crinkle!

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