Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Double Take

These two brand new boys were hilarious! I had previously done their parents maternity shoot and got to know them a bit. Their dad (like a lot of dads) didn't really enjoy his pictures being taken. One of the twins SOOO had his personality! We continued to joke that while Dad wasn't here at the shoot, but his presence was felt. Little Man would be O...U...T, until the moment we were ready to shoot away, and he'd wake up, crack one eye open, or swipe the pacifier out of his brother's mouth!

Seriously, the boys did great. Don't they look like a litter of puppies in the basket? I LOVE their newborn wrinkles! No body fat at all... wish I could say the same! We decided to break the shoot up over the course of a few sessions so stay tuned for more to come...

I included a few of their maternity session that I never got posted on the blog (gasp). You may recognize them from the local community. They own SideKicks Family Martial Arts. They are completely amazing with the kids...check them out.


  1. I knitted you a hat. Now can I exchange it for a copy of the basket baby pic? I love that picture.

  2. Just saw the photos you did for the Christenberry family. Absolutely beautiful! I'm hoping I can book you for the fall (perhaps September or early October?). I have 7 kids, two are special needs, and I really want to get some great natural lighting, outdoor shots. Looks like you could do that splendidly!!! How far out do I need to book you?
    Thanks so much,